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Mold Remediation and Selecting a Contractor

Hiring a qualified mold remediation contractor for mold removal is not required as it is with asbestos or lead but is highly recommended especially if the mold and mildew growth has impacted a large area.   Utilizing a professional mold remediation contractor will safer (mold spores will be contained) and more effective than a “do-it-yourself” approach because of the use of specialized equipment and experience of the workers.

The presence of mold growth, water damage, or musty odors needs to be addressed quickly. Removing mold growth and correcting the underlying cause of moisture intrusion as soon as possible can help minimize mold exposure and prevent symptoms of mold exposure and mold allergy symptoms. Immediate remediation of mold-damaged materials and infrastructure repair should be the primary response to mold growth in buildings. The simplest, most expedient remediation that properly and safely removes mold growth from buildings should be implemented.   In all situations, the source of water must be identified and fixed or the mold growth will persist.


The following points should be included in a contract with a mold remediation company:


  1. Diagram or survey that details square feet, rooms, or sections of the area in which remediation will be done.
  2. Specific amount of time it will take to complete the remediation work.
  3. Itemized list of materials (e.g., lumber, wallboard, carpet and padding, paint) required to complete the remediation.
  4. Who (homeowner or contractor) will provide the renovation materials.
  5. How the contaminated materials will be handled and whether the homeowner or contractor will remove debris from the site.
  6. Detailed warranties of work and guarantees on remediation.
  7. Cleanup procedures and products to be used as well as the mold removal cost including a cost breakdown and total price cap.


Obtain at least three estimates before signing a contract. Ask for proof of education or training sessions on mold remediation and check with the education or training firms specified to determine that the contractor has actually completed the program or certification. Ask for references from clients for whom the contractors have performed mold remediation work.


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